Thursday, 30 August 2012

Mama I’m going crazy!

Oh dear this old propaganda against violence! I totally agree with YouTube comments like

"It's the parents responsibility to teach their kids right from wrong. NOT game makers, not the internet. the PARENTS" -Lee Williams

This "news" make me think why would young child go looking for torture game? online or anywhere? why? there is blocking softwares and parental control ect. how to control if you don't know how teach you child. Well most likely same parent let their 7-10 year old child log to Facebook and say it's okay if needed I know He/Her's password....SO! The age limits are there for reason! In games, movies, forums and web pages. Well it is up to parent how well limits are in place. I did start play M-rated games when I was 16? but horror movies and series started mature age of 10 or something.
If you are mentally ok you don't go crazy or nuts while playing shooter games or watching horror movies, because you understand line between fiction and reality (at least I hope so!). If someone is mentally unstable or even ill that click can come from normal life, they don't need the "violent entertainment".

Me my self play shooters and I don't feel like shooting or other ways harm anyone! Seriously 60% my games are different kind of shooter 1st or 3rd person and some RPG top of that...I should be mass murderer! I feel more out of control while playing Forza 4 or  sport game! don't let me start about Kinect...sometimes you know -_-'

PS. I love Horror movies! First my own horror/K18 (M-rated) was Deep Blue Sea not really horror but yeah. Then there was Virus and  slowly but steady my horror collection is +35 DVD and little something on my hard-drive. Horror movies teach you, you know. Hostel 1&2 teaches if something sounds too good IT IS! and don't leave you group, if something "smell" get to consulate or call police! Other ones teaches lock doors and windows, don't talk to strangers or trust them right away, be polite, know where you going and tell where you going ect.!

There is no study about violence and game's that was tested neutrally not that there is something right! I mean you get confession with torture right? But it don't mean it's true!  There is some studys that gamers brain act little different from some others but we don't understand really how brains work but it looks good when pointed that "This is how different gamers brains work! Look how bright these spot are! We quest that violence lives in there". I trust you, just like people did belive that Earth is center of the universe and that other planet and sun goes around it not that we all spin around the sun!

When they talks about video game retail sales are $17.94 billion (2007) when video games started climb up, Penn & Teller Bullshit episode about video game violence told that violence did turn DOWN not up like some people are trying to prove with young people at least.

I belive that real life  is more raw than some of the games. Put gangs, army, war or just bad neighbourhood in mix and most of people see more "violence" there in real life! than that awful looking "torture game" made in  South Africa.

Now excuse me I'm gonna play little Left 4 Dead 2 or maybe Blacklight: Retribution if it's ready =D


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