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I feel zombie [edited 1st post from 2011]

This is edited repost of my first post in Red Chilled Chili that is from year 2011 (Original publish 17.04.2011 at 13:56). My blog is on English but this first post was on Finnish and I did feel like its time to change it...finally. This is not word-to-word translation but edited version. Original Finnish post is on end of this 
Human, every human will see at least a little snippet of a horror movie on some point of their life. Some of us are lucky ones and only see them through screen, others will have to live in them, some even long times. There are some horror genres that you can't really live in, like vampires, aliens, werewolves and zombies. Some will tell that all these thing are true, but I leave it to you to decide. Most important to this post is the last one on the list, like you could quest from the title.

Art work of Zonbi
World “zombie” was first recorded in 1819, in a history of Brazil by a poet Robert Southey, in form of “zombi”. The Oxford English Dictionary gives the origin of the world as West African, and compares it to the Kongo words "nzambi" (god) and "zumbi" (fetish). There are some other worlds for zombie like Haitian Creole: zonbi and North Mbundu: nzumbe.

Especially in South African and Caribbean cultures see zombie as a dead person that bokor, a witch-like figure, has brought back to life by act of necromancy. Zombies remain under the control of the bokor as their personal slaves, since they have no will of their own.

When Zora Neale Hurston in 1937 was studying folklores in Haiti she encountered a case about a woman who appeared in a village she was visiting. A family did claim that she was Felicia Felix-Mentor, a relative who had died and been buried in 1907 at the age of 29. However, the woman had been examined by a doctor, who found on X-ray that she did not have the leg fracture that Felix-Mentor was known to have had. Hurston pursued rumors that the affected persons were given a powerful psychoactive drug, but she was unable to locate individuals willing to offer much information.

The idea of physical zombie-like creatures is present in some South African cultures, where they are called xidachane in Sotho/Tsonga and maduxwane in Venda. In some communities it is believed that a dead person can be zombified by a small child.

Find more of Haitian tradition of zombies here.

I think that was enough of folklore zombie history. It’s time to jump in today’s popular culture zombies. Zombies that we all know, fear and love.

Modern horror did accept these flesh craving, clumsy and stupid creatures on 1968 by George A. Romero movie Night of the living dead. After that zombies did start slow crawl to top of creature horror fighting its spot right next to vampires, werewolves and other. Now days they are in books, comics, TV-series, games, movies in every possible genre, clothes, music, figurines and so much more.

When you ask what zombies are like people will most likely tell that they are: stupid, slow, clumsy, they crave for flesh or brains, they don't feel or react to pain/injury, strong, tireless and that they are dead. Or they should be dead. Old original way to get infected as a zombie where to get bitten or scratched by one, to some this is the only way.

Now day’s zombies have different kind of skill sets. Some are just like old times, but then there are some that are smart, fast, super strong and some of them move in large hordes. Funniest or most horrifying thing is that now day’s zombies don't have to be mere humans anymore. People who knows Resident Evil (games or movies) has seen that there are mutants and cute little dogs that will kill you in a heartbeat. Everything is possible these days’ even sheep’s (Black Sheep 2006) there are no longer any limits. There is one thing that has not changed, or will change. Healthy/immune/no-zombies are still STUPID!

How is it possible that people living on 21th century have never heard of the living dead? Hello, that is not really possible scenario “What is that thing that hunts and eats other humans? Oh now that one that has it throat ripped out started to move and hunt as well! But what is it?” Like really. This is especially annoying if movie or whatever is based to this our universe. If it’s some total alternative then you can accept it but not if it’s like 2011 America where Obama is the president.

We understand (not really) that humans wants to revenge wrongs done to them but do you need to do it middle of zombie apocalypse? Are there not enough danger around you so you have to try get it with fighting and shit? But no you have to fight fellow human or run after one of the creatures, catch it, scream and shout to it (it will not understand you), shoot couple clips worth of bullets (out of bullets bitch) and after that beat it to dead yet again with your bare hands. Remember to wipe bloody hands across your lips when you are on it. And when it’s time to this person to leave and go back with the others this hero notice that he is surrounded by zombies. He starts to shoot them on left to right, sound attracting more of them and finally when he decide that he will not be one of them,  turns gun to himself and pulls the trigger…blank, again, blank, he has no more ammo. How it feels do die by be eaten alive? And then we got hero number 2 who will do the same shit until no one is left to act as a hero OR we got someone who is acting smart and just says “fuck this” and leave.

“Home, religion and father/motherland” was slogan of Finnish Christian Democrats in 2011 but same idiocy happens in zombie movies. When own honey bonbon turns to one of them it CAN'T be killed and if someone else attempt to do the right thing he has to put down! That is a fantastic logic! Even that granny who did learn to walk on the sealing by some miracle will survive because well no reason. All of us zombie fans have most likely seen most if not all George A. Romero zombie movies. Gamers have played one of Resident Evil series or Left 4 Dead games, or other zombie themed one.

If you have collected yourself together and are ready to the kill. Shoot them to the damn HEAD! Boom headshot darling! But no. Let’s try some other ways first right? Let’s try legs, arms, on the middle, damn heart then! *tump* it falls down, walk to it nudge it with your boot, turn to your friend, crack out some F-class joke *rousk* look down, zombie has its teeth on you, that’s shitty luck! Game over!

You can bank on it that every year there will be some more zombie themed movies. Quality is not guaranteed, but there will be blood. Zombies are ageless you can still watch Zombie 2 or Zombie Flesh Eaters that was released in 1979 and like it. It will not be as fancy that newest movies but it looks damn good for 30 year old movie. Basic plot is always same, disease breaks free somewhere somehow, someone gets infected, it starts to spread, epidemic and then we have couple non-infected people tries to survive in new world.

That’s it, have fun and watch out of strangers who tries to bite you without any reason or growl…whose mouth is dripping with blood and eyes looks little weird. Well looks some “Zombie survival guide” and you will know!

ORIGINAL post translated to English 26.01.2015 with little modding and adding here and there.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Pizza

Pizza that Italian gift to world, pizza that food that no one can really tell where it did come and by who, pizza is always a pizza.

In Finland we have kebab-pizzeria in about every city little or big! Sometimes we get great pizza and sometimes we hope that it was just after bars closed so we would not have any idea what we are eating! Those pizzas can be "homemade" dough or ready frozen ones that taste like cardboard.

When we go to market there is these microwave pizzas (roiskeläppä) that is never seen real pizza, frozen ones that need little tuning before going oven (comes out ok most of times), kind of fresh market pizzas with too thick dough and then some more. Finnish people do eat a lot of pizza but they eat these mediocre ones and don't even know how make one himself!  

Copyright: Gaploon
Seriously PIZZA IS EASY TO MAKE dammit!

My recipe to dough:

2 ½ dl water
1 pack (11g) dry (instant) yeast
3 dl durum flours
around 2 dl all purpose flours (have to look that dough little)
½ ts salt
½ ts sugar
2 tbs oil
+ dry herbs and/or pizza seasoning
You can make pizza with all purpose flours alone, taste and texture change little but it's still really good.
  1. Get everything you need on table and if you can measure ingredients ready to add. This way you know if you are missing something and are not in too much hurry making stupid mistakes. Don't combine flours together! You may not need all of it to dough. Take your baking sheet/pizza stone and cut baking paper to fit it you need one per pizza. This will make sizing dough later very much more easy.
  2. Now get medium size bowl and add warm water (around 42°c or 107.6°F little warmer than body temp) to the bowl.
  3. Mix yeast to durum flours and add them to the water. If you are using only all purpose flour, mix yeast to small amount of flour, it's really possible that you don't need all flour!
  4. Add salt and sugar and some herbs.
  5. Start to kneed dough and add all purpose flour until texture is soft but not longer wet. If it feels like rubber you used too much flour.
  6. Add oil and possible some more herbs and flour.
  7. Leave dough to rise on warm place under kitchen towel. Do part 7 NOW!
  8. Crank your oven to hot as it gets! If you have pizza stone use it or put baking tray to oven so it get nice and hot. Hot surface makes start cooking bottom of pizza so it get nice crunch and if you made everything right you get those nice "bubbles" on edge of your pizza!
  9. Split the dough. You can make 2 sheets or 3 pizzeria style round ones (~180-190 g per ball).
  10. Round pizza: take one ball and start working it to to thin or thicker round pie. Max diameter of pizza will be ruled by your pizza stone or sheet you make it to. Make pizza roughly right size on floured surface and transport it to baking paper and re-check size if you did measure and cut paper. Now that is ready to be topped with what you want. Some people will slide pizza right to baking stone or oven but I do not know that trick.

    Sheet pizza: Size of the pizza is ruled by you and size of baking sheet you gonna cook it in. My sheets are 50cm wide (~ 19.68 inch) so I get 2 sheets of pizza from this size of dough. Roll dough roughly right size on floured surface, transport it to baking paper and then do some finishing touches on size and thickness. Now it is ready to be topped with that you want.

    Tip: Using ready cut baking paper makes sizing pizzas really easy if your pans are "normal size". Easy way to transport ready rolled dough is to wrap it around rolling pin.
  11. Thats it with dough! Now you will just make your pizza taste like you want and put it to owen. Baking time will different with how wet and much you use fillings and how much cheese you put. To me it's around 15 minutes in 250°c (482°F).
Copyright: Gaploon
Extra tip!
First put ketchup or tomato pyre, then some cheese and then filling! Maybe little mozzarella cheese to top it all. If you put lots of cheese on top it will seal all liquid in and possibly make your pizza sloppy mess. I'm not a fan of that kind of pizza byt my parents like extra-extra-extra cheesy pizza.

Choose only 2 or 4 fillings. If they very wet ones then choose only one or two. You don't want too much topping so you can eat it on slices.

Photo by
If your dough feels little like a plastic when working it, next time try use less flour.

You can crack raw egg top of your pizza before putting it to oven. Egg pizza, why not.

Dough can be made before hand. You can make dough let it rise, kneal it to balls and wrap ball in plastic and put them to cold. Before you make pizza's take them to warm and let them to rise 30min or so and work them to pies. I know people who roll pies ready (no filling) and then put them to cold.
There are even those who makes dough pies and freeze them.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Winning in a Lottery -what would you do?

If you would win in a lotto/lottery what would you do? Really do?! 

Photo by graur razvan ionut
Many people would say on some point that they would give half or lot of it to charity etc. but in real life very unlikely so. This is my opinion of people and this, there are those people who would give it all away, BUT most humans are not that nice. I know 
I would not, little now and then to gaming charity things like #AGDQ would be ok to me personally. So no big donations to Red Cross or some other big "brand" of charity that says that they help but we really don't know how much of our 1 euro/dollar etc goes to those who need it.

I started to do little list what I would do if jackpot did drop on my note. These dreams do depend a lot of how big that jackpot is. 1 million great, I could take care of my family and my own loans, buy great pc, get all consoles I dream, have a some trips and that kind of stuff. But build an house or buy apartment and maintain it to rest of my life? Maybe yeah but 1 million is still a one million. You can take care of these more normal like dreams, but not much more. Then there are these seriously huge winnings like in Finland the biggest Lotto (link is Finnish only) win has been 13.3 million euros and Eurojackpot did insane 61.1 million euros win!

Now to that list!

What would I do if I would win BIG time on lottery!

  • take care loans on next order: My own > mother (+stepdad) > dad
  • buy ultimate PC, 4 monitors, fantastic headset, + all the little extra things
  • new consoles Xbox One, PS4, Wii U and maybe one of Steam consoles when they start getting around +sides to them all as well (extra controllers, ,more storage, subscribe services etc.)
  • Gaming laptop for those times I'm on a road. And this time price is not an issue.
  • Invest money to make more money, to me it would mean call to my older brother and ask him to help me come up with something or if he knows someone that could help with this.
  • Get some more technology to my life and those near me! New phones, tablets, smart tech like watches or activity gadgets
  • Now its time to some R&R first with my mother, stepdad and brother if he could take some time off and after that another trip with my dad and brother maybe include my fathers lady friend (not sure about that).
  • Buy some other stuff like furniture, electronics, beddings, clothes, shoes, eyeglasses and contacts, kitchen and pet stuff or other little things like that. Some good alcohol like whiskey and vodka. 
  • Then its time to say wrooom! So time to change car, re-do my licence, ask if any of my parents want to change car and get me an brand new motorcycle (sport or naked) and extra bike (cruiser). How funny that my step dad likes cruiser bikes *wink*. Cars and bikes would get some customization to sweet them up
Now that we had some fun, got nice shiny (tech) things, new wheels and loan free now its time to get roof over the head. This is biggest thing that depends how big winning pot is.
Photo by Pixomar
  • Buy apartment on bigger city on southern Finland (Turku, Tampere, Hämeenlinna, Helsinki). Three to four rooms, fast internet, nice floor plan, kitchen large enough for dishwasher and renovation is ok as long that apartment is really nice. 
  • If it's a big win then I would build own house close to my mothers house. I would ask if my father would be interested to build it or be the main contractor on building. He would get paid well and would get to say who are workers in different operators people who are the best, not the cheapest. Important to me would be to get optical fibre connection, because old copper cables just don't cut it anymore. House would be build to my future to last time so many cables would be build to walls (eternal to every room, multiple power plugins different sides of rooms, even usb ports!), easy access, maybe two floors and cellar to cinema or just hobby space + warm garage to two cars. And so much that it would need new post "Dream house" or something.
  •  Give spending money to parents and my brother not anything too big just some to have fun with.
  • Friends are important so I would give them more expensive gift hundred euros when they have b-day or something special. My best friend would get PS4 or XB1 on her choice. This would not be too much because I can count my closest friends with one hand including closest/best one. 
  • I'm not skinny, newer have been. I would hire some kind of life coach or something who would help me with good diet and workout plan that is humane! Not those super diet then you feel like you will die or want to and don't eat anything but this super healthy stuff for half year and you will be so BUFF! And when you try to go back to some kind of normality, release the belts! aka welcome back all that fat I did lose.
  • Then I would turn my spending to my parents houses. I would help with renovations, making their houses more energy friendly, money to garden works, new greenhouse to my mother, smoke-sauna and swimming hole on yard, remodel hobby space in barn to warm one and so on.
  • Middle of all this I would re-educate myself to something I really love without worry or hurry how to live when studying. Basics in Finland and maybe to study something special some other country.
  • and then I would do something more. Pay bills and all that nice stuff :P Maybe take another trip this time on Europe or somewhere far away
Those are things I would do and spend. What would you do?

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Loading...loading again!

Hello again!
My life is not going as I dreamed and hoped of. I have not find a job and my money is all gone so end of the year (or beginning of 2015) I will be moving back to my mothers house if things will not change dramatically. This sucks because I feel that this will create stress for my mother and stepfather. I will be alright or atleast I hope so.

"What about your own space and stuff?" To me it really is no problem, I need place to computer (still laptop huoh), xbox 360, tv, clothes some books and games. I have lots of books to be honest but if I pack them right they will survive and my dad has promised to semi warm place to hold them and my other stuff. Own space...well there is not much need for it, I don't date at moment and there is door that opens and closes as I please! Alone in own place do get lonely to be honest. My record of not speaking anyone is 2 weeks!

There will be one problem though the internet! 

I have slow connection in my parents’ house, only way to get guaranteed internet is ADSL (old slow copper cables) and only from one provider! They are working on optical fiber connections but there is NO idea when they will get to area where our house is and it will cost +1000€ to get to the line when they do. They are working now in some areas in centrals of two villages and we live 8km away of one of them it middle of nothing.

Right now they deliver 3 speed options:

  • Fast (1,5/0,75 Mbit/s) for 21,20€/month
  • Faster (3/075 Mbit/s) for 34,30€/month
  • Fastest (8/1 Mbit/s) for 39,90€/month 
Notice that these are promised speeds not the real ones! You can crank speed up for free but getting it back down is 36€. Dropping service altogether is free but reconnecting is again 36€ but this unlike speed will take about week or so.

There is mobile internet possibility and here in Finland we have no data limits! Provider that we use on our phones promises that our house is on area where there should be 4G LTE that can carry max 50Mbit/s and 3G max 21Mbit/s. 4G would be 19,80€ and 3G 14,90€ per month and those are full prices! And when putting Huawei B593 4G router in package 9€/month for 24 months it would mean 23,90€ per month + 3,90€ starting cost. Problem with this is that there is some problems with signals, there are specific place in the house that you can get signal at all to make phone call!

Usual speed change range in different networks by mobile provider:
  • 3G > 0,4-15 Mbit/s
  • Dual Carrier > 0,4-25 Mbit/s
  • 4G LTE > 5-40 Mbit/s
Mobile network provider speed map.
Did remove some location information you will not need :D
Seriously you will not need them! Road number is only
thing you will get.
With mobile internet there is way to use our existing TW-EAV510 modem/router but then we have to buy 4G modem stick that will support LTE and work with our router. From TeleWell they say that following devices will work on 3G/4G/LTE speeds with TW-EAV510

  • TW-LTE 4G/3G
  • TW-LTE 4G/3G+
  • E 392
  • E 3276
  • E 3372
  • E 5776S


There is TW-LTE 4G/3G that cost 89€ in Gigantti but there is only one piece other side of Finland and there is no more in central warehouse. In Jimms (Finnish electronic store) price is 119,90€ and this particular model delivery time is not confirmed, They do other hand  have TW-LTE 4G/3G+ model same 119,90€ with 2-4 day shipping time that would work as well with our router on LTE speed.

From internet provider there are options as well. To my interest did catch one modem/router and one 4G stick. There is options to buy it once over deal or on monthly contract (12/24/36 months).

Router/modem Huawei B593 4G/WLAN

  • once 216€
  • 12 month 18€/m
  • 24 month 9€/m
  • 36 month 6€/m
4G stick Huawei E3372

  • once 126€
  • 12 month 10,50€/m
  • 24 month 5,25€/m
  • 36 month 3,50€/m
Now I just need to find out if there is possibility to have E3372 and that 4G to test run. There is danger that it will not work but that would be same price than ADSL but faster. Of course I have to talk with my mother about this as well, right now she is person of paying this stuff.

You may understand that watching stuff from internet or playing online is little painful at a moment. It is nice if speed do clime to that 1MB but that is not too common, If mobile internet will be stable it will boost speeds really up! Even 2G is max 200 kbit/s...that i around what we get right now!
When getting home I will do speed test by wireless connection and post that picture in HERE

Our The Minister of Education, Science and Communications has spoken that everyone in Finland should be able to get 10Mb connection... now promised speed is 1MB but even that is not happening on most places so that up to 10Mb damn. I would not mind but how this is again tested and guaranteed is unknown. In theory my mothers house could get 100Mb by 4G super mobile(19,90€/m for 12m and after that 29,80€/m) but how often you will get that...not so much.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Gaming

"You really should cut back..." "You should go outside and..." "Those are not a real people, you don't know them" "When I was in your age..." "Just stop it you can play later"

Did any of that sound familiar at all?

My avatar Blacklight Retribution
Well I believe that most gamers or who spends time in internet (forums etc.) have heard all of those and more. Most of us understand that some of us don't like that technology has creeped in our everyday life and now we make friends with people we don't have meet eye-to-eye. That is nothing new in my books NO, before internet and all that was/is "pen pal system" (kirjekaveri) and it was snail mail inside your own country and sometimes even FOREIGNER in far away country! Who did tell them that they are not real or who they blamed to be?

When someone says that you should cut back or go out I just don't understand how it is your business what I do. If you are under 18 and live at home then I can understand somewhat that your parents or whoever looks after you will give you advice to put our nose out of the front door one a day or at least ones at weekend.
But if you are living our own place make a living (not living with social security) or trying really find a job then if it do not reflect poorly on your work go for it! Some people workout like crazy and if it is not 24/7 they are told to keep it up! "It's good for you!" Until the limit...

Sometimes we like play +24 hours and more but it is not like we do it everyday or even every month! When there is new awesome game yeah we play or watch someone else play, what's the problem? If you are adult you can smoke, drink, take drugs (watch out for COPS!), film yourself having sex with sandwich or play games! And other can just keep on nagging about it!

Photo by Naypong
When I was in your age...yes you did got to river fishing now if I'm not fishing using a rod and line I have to pay for licence before hand so even if I don't get anything I still pay for it 7€/7 days + 3€ interchange fee if I did look right! Even that licence is localized! So I go to other county another 7€ + 3€ interchange fee.
When I listen my uncles stories what they did and how many fights and accident they did go through before age 18 I'm stunned that someone wants todays children do the same?! Broken bones, bloody nose and broken things (bikes, cars, motorbikes etc.).

Pre-Teen/Teen I did read and spended time forums etc and nowadays I play, read and go to have fun adult style and have never broken a bone! Well my knees has been operated because accident but that was 2007, and I was 16! I even heard that some young ones don't hang around town smoking and drinking because they go some friends house and play games. Or in case I heard boys friend did come to his house (parents were there) and night did go down with some Mountain Dew and Coke.

When playing games online means basically that you play PvP [Player(s) vs Player(s)] or PvE [Player(s) vs Environment] games. But when online there are other players that you have to take account of. So when someone says that just drop your game even after you have said that " yes after this game, raid etc.". Would I walk to you and even if you are middle of something and you would tell me that " just wait a minute, I will come when I'm ready" and I would still demand you to come RIGHT NOW!
I will not let my team down and get bad reputation to me just to go eat on this minute. With Xbox players can put you on avoid list and reason can be that did not finish games. PC is not so hard but if your reputation is bad enough  word will go around! When you join lobby *kick*, in-game *kick* and so on. Right now there is going on CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) and LoL (League of Legends) tournaments and those player don't just drop game or have in a past.  Most games don't take more than 30-45min per game online.

They are not real people! You don't know them! Are they real? Why are they talking? Thats so weird. When you meet other people online you should not believe everything they tell or show you. We all have learned that over years. Everyone online are Greek gods, have Double-D breast, funny, flirty or best of the best...In real life they may be non of that! Most fabulous flirter can't get word out of it's mouth when online this one writes your socks off :D
Well yeah I may not know what they do for job or what they look like but they are someone I learn to trust on hard place, who I can ask advice or just tell what is wrong. Well some live streamers in (gameplay sharing service) has webcam and you can see them as they play. It's kind of nice to see reactions and really feel that they are there! But some who don't have cam keeps keen eye on chat and even with Twitch lag (30SEK!) and feeling is still there. Very different feeling than to watch gameplay videos in YouTube you know.
I know how FooZ looks like and that he is from Netherland and is student has 2 job but some problems with manager in 2nd place. I don't know what StratManiac look like but I have seen his dog :D, know that he is from London, I know he's first name and what he sounds like. Moko is from Australia and is MASTER in Payday 2 stealth HE IS NOT HUMAN! and so on... I know more about these people than some so called friends or distant family.

But yeah, those are some most annoying advices that I have gotten on my time. What about you is there some more? What are they?! Drop comment and we will see what you think.


just remember that you are HUMAN! or in Mokos case a MACHINE!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


This blog text is from early-spring but I did want to share it with you…most of it was already written. If you know me you know that precision is not my strong area :P and I do not believe that “Don't Leave for Tomorrow What You Can Do Today” mantra.
I was called about week ago from one of Finnish phone operator who sell mobile internet. Different whose customer I'm right now! So she tells that they have this great offer and bla bla bla... They had this offer that i get unlimited max 21mb connection and this Sierra "mokkula" only some 20€/month and first year it's going to be 15? or something/month. It has 14 day refund so I said ok (my old is really old you know...). I believe that that call was Friday evening and yesterday (Wednesday) I got text to my cell that you have packed in local post office. So post and home.

When I open that big box to small ‘toy’ first I found their contract and pricing etc.. then i see this cool white box and carefully open it and what i see! this palm size devise that I don't have good feeling. When checking this new thing i see text wireless...why?!
On the phone I did say that I HAVE 3G router already and that I NEED eternal cable for my Xbox. I have now tried 5 times connect this Sierra my router but no help. Well today is the 2nd day and it did start working just today so maybe I go to my current operator and order a new stuff ;) I can decide what modem etc.. I want..all is not bad of this test. The connection is fast and now that I look they do have this cheaper (2€/m) mokkula that would go nicely with my router but of course they send well sold me the more expensive one!
Maybe you should not order anything through the phone? there is problems to end you magazine orders or the contract you make on phone don't count anymore. In my case you don't get what you want/need/asked.

So I did find out later that that one little triumph from 2nd day did not last even to the night! Somehow the connection was lost and spend rest of the 10 days to doing some odd bridges from mokkula to laptop to router to Xbox and mixed it up and over…I did not even know what I was doing but it started to work (somehow) but DNA did not stay with me. Well I did return the devise on the last day of course

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Mama I’m going crazy!

Oh dear this old propaganda against violence! I totally agree with YouTube comments like

"It's the parents responsibility to teach their kids right from wrong. NOT game makers, not the internet. the PARENTS" -Lee Williams

This "news" make me think why would young child go looking for torture game? online or anywhere? why? there is blocking softwares and parental control ect. how to control if you don't know how teach you child. Well most likely same parent let their 7-10 year old child log to Facebook and say it's okay if needed I know He/Her's password....SO! The age limits are there for reason! In games, movies, forums and web pages. Well it is up to parent how well limits are in place. I did start play M-rated games when I was 16? but horror movies and series started mature age of 10 or something.
If you are mentally ok you don't go crazy or nuts while playing shooter games or watching horror movies, because you understand line between fiction and reality (at least I hope so!). If someone is mentally unstable or even ill that click can come from normal life, they don't need the "violent entertainment".

Me my self play shooters and I don't feel like shooting or other ways harm anyone! Seriously 60% my games are different kind of shooter 1st or 3rd person and some RPG top of that...I should be mass murderer! I feel more out of control while playing Forza 4 or  sport game! don't let me start about Kinect...sometimes you know -_-'

PS. I love Horror movies! First my own horror/K18 (M-rated) was Deep Blue Sea not really horror but yeah. Then there was Virus and  slowly but steady my horror collection is +35 DVD and little something on my hard-drive. Horror movies teach you, you know. Hostel 1&2 teaches if something sounds too good IT IS! and don't leave you group, if something "smell" get to consulate or call police! Other ones teaches lock doors and windows, don't talk to strangers or trust them right away, be polite, know where you going and tell where you going ect.!

There is no study about violence and game's that was tested neutrally not that there is something right! I mean you get confession with torture right? But it don't mean it's true!  There is some studys that gamers brain act little different from some others but we don't understand really how brains work but it looks good when pointed that "This is how different gamers brains work! Look how bright these spot are! We quest that violence lives in there". I trust you, just like people did belive that Earth is center of the universe and that other planet and sun goes around it not that we all spin around the sun!

When they talks about video game retail sales are $17.94 billion (2007) when video games started climb up, Penn & Teller Bullshit episode about video game violence told that violence did turn DOWN not up like some people are trying to prove with young people at least.

I belive that real life  is more raw than some of the games. Put gangs, army, war or just bad neighbourhood in mix and most of people see more "violence" there in real life! than that awful looking "torture game" made in  South Africa.

Now excuse me I'm gonna play little Left 4 Dead 2 or maybe Blacklight: Retribution if it's ready =D