Monday, 12 January 2015

Winning in a Lottery -what would you do?

If you would win in a lotto/lottery what would you do? Really do?! 

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Many people would say on some point that they would give half or lot of it to charity etc. but in real life very unlikely so. This is my opinion of people and this, there are those people who would give it all away, BUT most humans are not that nice. I know 
I would not, little now and then to gaming charity things like #AGDQ would be ok to me personally. So no big donations to Red Cross or some other big "brand" of charity that says that they help but we really don't know how much of our 1 euro/dollar etc goes to those who need it.

I started to do little list what I would do if jackpot did drop on my note. These dreams do depend a lot of how big that jackpot is. 1 million great, I could take care of my family and my own loans, buy great pc, get all consoles I dream, have a some trips and that kind of stuff. But build an house or buy apartment and maintain it to rest of my life? Maybe yeah but 1 million is still a one million. You can take care of these more normal like dreams, but not much more. Then there are these seriously huge winnings like in Finland the biggest Lotto (link is Finnish only) win has been 13.3 million euros and Eurojackpot did insane 61.1 million euros win!

Now to that list!

What would I do if I would win BIG time on lottery!

  • take care loans on next order: My own > mother (+stepdad) > dad
  • buy ultimate PC, 4 monitors, fantastic headset, + all the little extra things
  • new consoles Xbox One, PS4, Wii U and maybe one of Steam consoles when they start getting around +sides to them all as well (extra controllers, ,more storage, subscribe services etc.)
  • Gaming laptop for those times I'm on a road. And this time price is not an issue.
  • Invest money to make more money, to me it would mean call to my older brother and ask him to help me come up with something or if he knows someone that could help with this.
  • Get some more technology to my life and those near me! New phones, tablets, smart tech like watches or activity gadgets
  • Now its time to some R&R first with my mother, stepdad and brother if he could take some time off and after that another trip with my dad and brother maybe include my fathers lady friend (not sure about that).
  • Buy some other stuff like furniture, electronics, beddings, clothes, shoes, eyeglasses and contacts, kitchen and pet stuff or other little things like that. Some good alcohol like whiskey and vodka. 
  • Then its time to say wrooom! So time to change car, re-do my licence, ask if any of my parents want to change car and get me an brand new motorcycle (sport or naked) and extra bike (cruiser). How funny that my step dad likes cruiser bikes *wink*. Cars and bikes would get some customization to sweet them up
Now that we had some fun, got nice shiny (tech) things, new wheels and loan free now its time to get roof over the head. This is biggest thing that depends how big winning pot is.
Photo by Pixomar
  • Buy apartment on bigger city on southern Finland (Turku, Tampere, Hämeenlinna, Helsinki). Three to four rooms, fast internet, nice floor plan, kitchen large enough for dishwasher and renovation is ok as long that apartment is really nice. 
  • If it's a big win then I would build own house close to my mothers house. I would ask if my father would be interested to build it or be the main contractor on building. He would get paid well and would get to say who are workers in different operators people who are the best, not the cheapest. Important to me would be to get optical fibre connection, because old copper cables just don't cut it anymore. House would be build to my future to last time so many cables would be build to walls (eternal to every room, multiple power plugins different sides of rooms, even usb ports!), easy access, maybe two floors and cellar to cinema or just hobby space + warm garage to two cars. And so much that it would need new post "Dream house" or something.
  •  Give spending money to parents and my brother not anything too big just some to have fun with.
  • Friends are important so I would give them more expensive gift hundred euros when they have b-day or something special. My best friend would get PS4 or XB1 on her choice. This would not be too much because I can count my closest friends with one hand including closest/best one. 
  • I'm not skinny, newer have been. I would hire some kind of life coach or something who would help me with good diet and workout plan that is humane! Not those super diet then you feel like you will die or want to and don't eat anything but this super healthy stuff for half year and you will be so BUFF! And when you try to go back to some kind of normality, release the belts! aka welcome back all that fat I did lose.
  • Then I would turn my spending to my parents houses. I would help with renovations, making their houses more energy friendly, money to garden works, new greenhouse to my mother, smoke-sauna and swimming hole on yard, remodel hobby space in barn to warm one and so on.
  • Middle of all this I would re-educate myself to something I really love without worry or hurry how to live when studying. Basics in Finland and maybe to study something special some other country.
  • and then I would do something more. Pay bills and all that nice stuff :P Maybe take another trip this time on Europe or somewhere far away
Those are things I would do and spend. What would you do?

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